Got a funny story for you we get to San Jose airport at 5:30 for a 6:15 flight with no bags to check. Yea you know how the story goes TSA line is ungodly long, random checks and such so we miss our flight. We got a lady at the flight desk that was kind enough to reroute us. We got there at the time that the door closed and they would not reopen it so we waited for 3 hours for our next flight. Ah finally we are on the plane separated but close. As we taxi out the plane just stops and the pilot announces that we will be delayed about 15 minutes or so, then he comes back on and tells us that we will be delayed about 22 minutes but not to worry because we will make up most of the lost time in flight and be behind about 5 to 10 minutes. Finally we take off yea! The plane was getting some altitude and whoa, oh, what’s that noise. Is someone leaking…oh no it’s the cabin door leaking air. Up, and down we go. On the loud speaker we are told the cabin door has a malfunction but no big deal so the captain says as he does some crazy banking to get us turned back around. He notifies us that we will be heading back to San Jose. I should of known better, as I sat down in my seat per flight I noticed my recline button was non functional, I mean it’s broken, missing and my neighbor said mine doesn’t work either. So I lean over and say oh no we’re doomed. As we go through the whole ordeal my neighbor tells me you cursed us and laughs. So as we land in San Jose Airport we are told that they are not sure what they are going to do repair the problem (seal on door) or deplane. We wait and wait then we are informed that we will be deplaning and have to change flights. Out comes all these iPhones and rescheduling of flights begin. So now it try number 3 can we make it to Los Angeles and connect to maui so vacation can begin? Only time will tell because it seems that is all we have today.