The Vera is a great Zwave controller for XTension but Zwave Scene Controllers need to control a Zwave device. I tried to use a plugin on the Vera to create Virtual Switches but that created another scene not an actual unit in XTension. So what you want to do is create a Virtual Switch Maually.

It is rather easy on the Vera UI5. Open up Vera under Apps and choose Develop Apps and choose Luup files. Download the file below. It is an XML file for the creation of the Virtual Switch.

Vera UI5


Check the box to restart Luup after upload.

Click on the GO button.

Now to creating the actual unit Click Create Device and the setup is as follows

Vera UI5

Create Device Window

Now press Create Device!

Reload  with the Reload button and refresh your browser command+F5

The Pseudo Unit has been created! Now to put it to use inside of a Scene Controller.

File: I_VirtualSwitch.xml