If you are using XTension from http://machomeautomation.com then you are right on track with having your house so automated. The range of what can be done is so amazing. Trying to get information out well there are many options you could use Prowl, Pushover, eMail, Messages, or Twitter.

I will be talking about Twitter here. First you need a piece of software to be able to tweet from apple script it can be found here Twitter Scripter

There are example found here

Twitter Scripter Examples

But to get the most use lets add a Handler to the attachments file in XTension the Long Version

All that is necessary is the one below  I recommend it because it will take up less of your Attachments file.

The longer version is if you do not have any accounts set up then you will get a prompt to setup one.

Once these are entered then you can use this command to send a tweet:

the result will be something like this:

The current date is necessary because Twitter Scripter will not send a message that is the same. By adding the date we change the message even if it has been sent multiple times.

Now you got Twitter working!